At my internship at Splitz Reklambyrå, I got a very fun and interesting task. Handelsbanken, a bank in Trångsund, outside of Stockholm, needed a way to communicate with people to get more customers. I created an event for private customers and for customers in business. The blue one is an invitation for customers in business and it is an invitation for something unusual as a wine-tasting at their office; for selected business only. The green one is for private customers, and it explains that everyone (whether you are a customer or not) are welcome to Trångsund square to get free ice cream and to watch entertainment. Everything from design, illustration and concept in all mine. It is a way to acknowledge the bank as the bank to come to, regardless of age, sex or gender. Its a good bank for everyone. Handelsbanken takes care of you. At both events, Handelsbankens experts are there to help you. It is a way to remove the dull and stiff label some banks have, and to make in more fun, family-friendly, think-outside-the-box kind of bank.